Saturday, April 27, 2013

Frank Maples Memorial Triathlon By Kasandra Garner

This morning promised rain and cool temperatures, so as usual on such mornings I thought bridge, knitting, indoor shuffleboard sounded like a better multi-sport event than swim, bike, run.  But the Frank Maples triathlon is a local tradition here in Scottsboro, and I knew I would never live it down with my local training buddies if I wimped out due to a little bad weather.  Besides, this was my first time actually doing the Frank Maples.  So I got up and went somewhat unenthusiastically through my pre-race preparations:  coffee, whatever is on the counter for breakfast (this morning it was half a blueberry muffin), find my gear scattered through the house.  My 4 year old daughter woke up and distracted me, so I almost left without my helmet.  I also made a rookie mistake.  Because I was now running late, I didn't ride my race bike over to the Rec-com like I had originally planned.  At no point during the morning did I actually get on the bike to make sure everything was working correctly.  Never a good move.

At the transition site, I met up with fellow Fleet Feet Tri Teamer Melissa Johnson.  She was cute and perky as always, so I decided to at least act a little happier.  This was made easier by the fact that the rain was holding off so it was only cloudly and a little cold.  Melissa and I wandered through transition staring at men's chests to make sure there weren't any Fleet Feet Tri team members we were missing for a "group" photo.  We apologize to all of the men we freaked out by our behavior.  We were not checking out your pectorals, we promise.

So off we go for a brisk 2 mile run, which is that difficult distance somewhere between a sprint and a middle-distance race.  I went out too fast, but I was pretty happy with my time:  around 14 minutes.  I almost knocked down one of my male training buddies passing him into transition (sorry Jason) but I get a little competitive at times.  Y'all may have noticed.  Anyway, quick transition and onto the bike left clip won't clip in.  I spend the first mile unsuccesfully trying to dislodge whatever is keeping it from clippling in out of the cleat (while still moving), but I finally give up and figure I will lose too much time if I stop and try to fix it.  My training buddy told me he thought I was having seizures that first mile.  I guess that's what I get for almost knocking him down in transition.  Anyway, after the run I know I'm in first place for the women so I am NOT stopping.  I knew the course (home course advantage) and knew it was mostly flat without many turns so I could deal without being clipped in on one side.  It was annoying as hell, though.  Pedaling with only one foot clipped in is a great training exercise to strengthen your legs for cycling, but I don't recommend it during a race!

Anyway, back to transition after 14+ miles on the bike and a quick sprint to the pool for 200 yards.  I apologize to the guy I swam over on the 6th lap, I was trying to pass on the right but he apparently thought I was going to pass left.  Ooops.

I was 8th overall and first woman, so it was a good hometown showing.  Melissa Johnson did awesome and placed 2nd in her age group, looking sweet and perky the entire time.  Other folks known to team members include George Dewitt who totally rocked it and won his age group, Tony Osani won his age group, Gina DeMuro got second in her age group, Marien Amerigo won her age group, and my Scottsboro training buddies all took home some hardware.  It was a fun morning for a sprint tri and now this blog entry is longer than the race!

Happy training, see you all next week at Lake Guntersville!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Results

The season is officially in full swing and the Fleet Feet Huntsville Triathlon Team was in action at the Team Rocket Tri Heel and Crank Duathlon in Mooresville, Alabama this weekend.

Official Results

Photo Courtesy of Gregg Gelmis

4  Nathan Graves, 1:14:08 - 1st AG
5  Will Barnwell, 1:16:19 - 2nd AG
6  Dink Taylor, 1:16:39 - 1st Master
7  David Rawlings, 1:17:59 - 2nd Master
8  Jeff Schertz, 1:18:15 - 1st AG
12 Donnie Holmes, 1:20:41
18 Chris Davis, 1:22:51 - 1st AG
31 Dennis Mix, 1:26:03
42 Rick Greif, 1:28:05 - 2nd AG
43 Kasandra Garner, 1:28:09 - 3rd overall
53 Jamie Miller, 1:30:24
67 Jay Hawkins, 1:32:15
73 Dianna Cioppi, 1:32:59 - 1st Master
76 Joshua Pierson, 1:33:21
83 Carrie Wilson, 1:34:45 - 2nd AG
98 Wesley Johnson, 1:37:34
123 Brenda McGovern, 1:42:33 - 1st AG
155 Melissa Johnson, 1:50:36 - 3rd AG
157 Jennifer Carroll, 1:50:42
200 Joanna Whisenant, 2:03:27

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Team: Will Barnwell

Brief Biography 
I have a passion for life.  I enjoy being busy and having a hand in a lot of things.  I would describe myself as a Jack-of-all-Trades and a Master-of-None.  Others might describe me as a Jack-of-Something-Else, but that is a story for another time.  Because triathlon is really the art of striving for balance while attempting to develop skills in three distinct sports it has had a direct appeal for me.  I often say that triathlon rewards mediocrity because it rewards those that can be good at all three sports.

Short Term Goals
I want to race all of the local races in the Alabama Championship Series.  I am the defending champion from the 35-39 age group and had a blast last year competing in all of the awesome events the local area has to offer.  I know that over time as more people find out about the Series it will become more competitive.  I have never raced a Sprint distance triathlon and as the series has expanded there are several of these races on the calendar.  This will be EPIC!

Long Term Goals
Next season I want to return to the Long-Course distance.  I had my first experience with the 140.6 distance at Beach-to-Battleship last year.  It was an awesome experience, but the training is very demanding.  My goal is to work on my speed, strength and core this season, but start gearing up for the big dance in the fall/winter by competing in my first road marathon at Rocket City Marathon in December.  It should complement nicely with the plans for my Ironman in summer/fall of 2014.

Personal Records Triathlon
  • Olympic - 2:08 - Rocketman 2012 - 2nd AG
  • Half-Iron - 5:45 - Beach to Battleship 2011
  • Full-Iron - 10:19 - Beach to Battleship 2012 - 3rd AG

Personal Records Running
  • 5K - 20:02 - Cookie Dash 2012 - 3rd AG, 2nd Female
  • 10K - 38:59 - UAH 10K 2013 - 5th AG, 10th OA 
  • 13.1 - 1:28:37 - Oak Barrel 2013 - 1st AG, 5th OA
  • 50K - 4:19 - Recover for the Holidays 2012 - 5th OA

Goal Races 

  • Lake Guntersville, Olympic, May 04, 2013
  • Mach Tenn, Sprint, June 1, 2013
  • Rocketman, Olympic, August 25, 2013
  • Goosepond 70.3, Half-Iron, October 12, 2013