Monday, April 13, 2015

Heel and Crank Duathlon Team Results

Heel & Crank Duathlon
Mooresville, AL
April 11, 2015

Official Age Group Results

Male Age Group 25-29 
3rd - Blake Blake Sparks

Male Age Group 30-34
1st - Alex Clark

Female Age Group 30-34
3rd - Rebecca Reynolds
10th - Amanda Clark

Female Age Group 35-39 
2nd - Jessica Ahrens
4th - Tonya Meir Hardy

Male Age Group 40-44 
6th - David Rawlings

Female Age Group 40-44 
6th - Amy Tanner
7th - Carrie Cowperthwait
23st - Joanna Whisenant

Male Age Group 45-49
2nd - Dink Taylor
11th - Dennis Mix
15th - Paul Erickson

Female Age Group 45-49 
2nd Mary Bagwell
15th - Melissa Johnson

Male Age Group 60-64
1st - Rick Grief

Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 Fleet Feet Triathlon Racing Team

We are proud to announce the 2015 Fleet Feet Triathlon Racing Team of Huntsville!

Each member was selected based on their proven ability to be an ambassador to triathlons in our local community, their outstanding volunteerism efforts and achievement of competitive race results. We had far more qualified applicants than we had the ability to accept, so only those who best met the criteria were extended invites.

We are extremely excited about the upcoming triathlon season!

Jessica Ahrens
Mary Bagwell*
Jennifer Carroll
Dianna Cioppi
Amanda Clark*
Carrie Cowperthwait
Tonya Hardy
Melissa Johnson
Brenda McGovern*
Wendy Pearson*
Rebecca Reynolds
Amy Tanner*
Suzanne Taylor*
Wendy Tyler
Joanna Whisenant

Alex Clark
Chris Davis
Paul Erickson
Rick Greif
Danny Harrison
Donnie Holmes
Mark Hudnall
Jamie Miller
Dennis Mix
Donny Neal
David Rawlings
Michael Rogers*
Blake Sparks*
Dink Taylor

*New teammate for 2015