Saturday, April 8, 2017

Weekend Results April 8-9 2017

Heel and Crank                                                    
Mooresville, AL                                                   
April 8th, 2017                                                    

Team rookie Vanessa Holland leads charge with 1st place overall

Official Results

1st OA Vanessa Holland 1:29:45
2nd OA Anya Gluszek 1:32:52
1st AG Mary Zingarelli 1:41:49
2nd AG Donna Ruiz 35-39 1:45:54
Relay Team Jess Ahrens 1:39:45

2nd OA Nathan Pierce 1:21:21 (1st Duathlon)
3rd Masters Dink Taylor 1:26:15
1st Male Relay Mark Hudnall 1:25:22

Congratulations to all of Fleet Feet Tri Team that raced Heel and Crank!
Jarrod King 1:44:01
Rebecca Reynolds 1:41:44
Danny Harrison 1:44:10
Joanna Whisenant 2:43:56
David Rawlings 1:37:50
Dennis Mix 1:39:30

Bridge Street Half Marathon
Huntsville, Alabama
April 9th, 2017

Holland captures 2nd AG at Bridge Street Half

Official Results

Congratulations to all Fleet Feet Tri team that raced Bridge Street Half Marathon
Alex Clark (Pacer) 1:44:39
Nathaniel Pierce 1:49:37
Blake Sparks 1:53:29
Jarrod King 1:57:15
Dennis Mix (Pacer) 2:00:46
Mark Hudnall (Pacer) 2:00:54
Donna Ruiz 2:18:01
Wendy Tyler (Ainsley's Angels) 2:24:56